Sunday, September 25, 2016

RIP Sparky Moore

San Luis Obispo Tribune
September 25, 2016

January 5, 1925 - September 7, 2016 Sparky Moore passed away on September 7, 2016, peacefully in his sleep, at his home in Templeton, CA. Sparky was born January 5, 1925 in Denver, CO. He grew up in Philadelphia, PA. Sparky was a WWII veteran, serving with the US Navy and the Merchant Marines, as a "radio man." He was aboard the last ship of the war sunk by a torpedo, (USS Jack Singer). He was an alumnus of prestigious ART CENTER. His career as an artist found him drawing for Disney but was most notably "the Winnie the Pooh artist." In later years he returned to his first passion, Western Art. He was an accomplished horseman.

Sparky is survived by his heartbroken family. Twin daughters, Maggie Moore, Ann (Tom) Dailey; twin sons, Tom (Katey) Moore, Pete (Nancy) Moore, daughter Lou (Rick) Moore-Jacobsen. Granddaughter Tamara (Joel) Dailey-Pullen and great-grandchildren David and Molly Pullen. He leaves behind his loyal "little brown dog" Tootsie. He was preceded in death by his wife of 57 years Helen (nee Sheedy) in 2005. A gathering to remember Sparky's full and colorful life will be held OCTOBER 8, 2016 at 1:00 PM at the ranch where he lived. 5640 El Pomar Drive, Templeton, CA (at the arena, jeans, boots, casual).

MOORE, Sparky (Richard Thomas Moore)
Born: 1/5/1925, Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.
Died: 9/7/2016, Templeton, California, U.S.A.

Sparky Moore’s western – character designer, layout artist:
The New Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (TV) – 1968-1969

Saturday, September 24, 2016

RIP Bill Nunn

Legendary Actor Bill Nunn, Who Played “Radio Raheem” and “Duh Duh Duh Man” Dead

All Hip Hop
By Mike Winslow
September 24, 2016

Bill Nunn became a cult figure in Hip-Hop culture thanks to his roles as “Radio Raheem” in Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing.”

The actor was also featured in the 1989 classic “New Jack City” as a stuttering member of the Nino Brown’s crew named “Duh Duh Duh Man.”

“My Dear Friend, My Dear Morehouse Brother- Da Great Actor Bill Nunn As Most Of You Know Him As Radio Raheem Passed Away This Morning In His Hometown Of Pittsburgh,” Spike Lee posted to Instagram. “Long Live Bill NUNN. RADIO RAHEEM Is Now RESTING IN POWER. RADIO RAHEEM WILL ALWAYS BE FIGHTING DA POWERS DAT BE. MAY GOD WATCH OVER BILL NUNN.”

NUNN, Bill (William G. Nunn III)
Born: 10/20/1953, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Died: 9/24/2016, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Bill Nunn’s westerns – actor:
Glory – 1989
Little Bear and the Master – 2008 (warden)

RIP Ann Smyrner

Hanne Smyrner was born Rohde Nielsen on November 3, 1934, but changed her name in 1947. She was the daughter of Gerd Henriette Poulsen and Paul Smyrner who was an actor at the Aarhus Theatre. Anne was "discovered" in 1950 by talent scouts, like Vivi Bach, Anette Strøyberg and Evy Nordlund. Her film career was abroad in Germany. Before that she took acting classes at the Aarhus Theatre School 1955-1956 and made her debut as Gulnare in "Aladdin", where she received mixed reviews from the critics. Hanne Smyrner was employed by the theater until 1957 and was then given a 5-year contract with Deutsche Film Hansa. She made the front page of many German newspapers and magazines and recorded in Germany under the stage name Ann Smyrner. Hanne Smyrner resided in Munich and lived several years in Lugano, Switzerland. She became a star in 72 films of varying quality in Germany, France, Italy and the United States. In 1961, she appeared in the movie "Reptilicus" but did not continue her career in Danish films. She also starred in the very first episode of the German series "Kommisære". In 1970 she became sick and was hospitalized and was almost immediately forgotten as soon as she was outside the limelight. After the illness she stopped her film career and moved home to her parents hous in Skåde near Aarhus. In the 1970s she became concerned with the spiritual world and became a believer without joining a particular faith. She was among others inspired by the Swedish philosopher Emmanuel Swedenborg. For a period of time she was a keen supporter of Satanism. She lived for many years writing and giving lectures and published a book of devotions, which she preached on the radio. Hanne Smyrner also delivered a series of feature articles for various newspapers including Ekstra Bladet and Politiken. In the feature philosophy articles she often wrote about life, death, family and faith - often based on the many experiences she'd had traveling on distant continents. After her father's death in 1978, she continued to care for her mother and they stayed together moving to Andalusia Spain in 1987, where Hanne Smyrner lived until her death on August 29, 2016.

SMYRNER, Ann (Rohde Nielsen)
Born: 11/3/1934, Frederiksberg, Denmark
Died: 8/29/2016, Andalusia, Spain

Ann Smyrner’s western – actress:
Beyond the Law – 1967 (Betty)

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

RIP James Westmoreland (aka Rad Fulton)

The Official Site of James Westmoreland
By Caylyn
September 19, 2016

It is with a very heavy heart that I must announce the death of my friend, James Westmoreland.  He passed away September 14, 2016.

Once there is any news on services, I will post again.  In the meantime, please respect the privacy of the people closest to Jim in this difficult time.

I have been told that if you have any stories or remembrances that you would like to share, please send them to and they will be posted in a future memorial page on this site.

Westmoreland appeared in such movies as Joy Ride (1958), No My Darling Daughter (1961), The Undertaker and His Pals (1966), Stacey (1973), and Don’t Answer the Phone! (1980). He had recurring roles on TV's The Monroes (1966-67), General Hospital (1972), and The Young and the Restless(1982). In 1970, he was briefly married to actress Kim Darby.

In his early career he was represented by agent Henry Willson, who made Rock Hudson a star, and who gave him the marquee name of "Rad Fulton". Westmoreland returned to using his original birth name after the two severed their business relationship.

WESTMORELAND, James (aka Rad Fulton)
Born: 11/25/935, Dearborn, Michigan, U.S.A.
Died: 9/14/2016, La Quinta, California, U.S.A.

James Westmoreland’s westerns – actor:
The Restless Gun (TV) – 1959 (townsman)
Hell Bent for Leather – 1960 (Moon) [as Rad Fulton]
Bronco (TV) – 1960 (Jim Younger)
Laramie (TV) – 1960 (Johnny Leach)
The Last Sunset – 1961 (Julesburg Kid) [as Rad Fulton]
The Wild Wild West (TV) – 1966 (Chandra)
The Monroes (TV) – 1966-1967 (Ruel Jaxon)
The Guns of Will Sonnett (TV) – 1967 (Lafe Banner)

Monday, September 19, 2016

RIP Evita Muñoz 'Chachita'

Evita Muñoz 'Chachita' dies at 79

Mexican actress, who began her career during the so-called Golden Age of Mexican cinema, died today in Mexico City

August 23, 2016

After two months of a severe case of pneumonia that was gradually eroding her health, the actress Evita Muñoz "Chachita" died today at 17:15, a victim of respiratory failure at 79 years of age, said her husband, Hugo Macías Macotela.

The death of "Chachita" occurred Tuesday at 17:15 hours in a private hospital in the Roma neighborhood of this city, after several hours of agony.

Unfortunately my wife was and I am undone. It was something we already expected, because her health was complicated in recent days. It all began two months ago with pneumonia, then her gall bladder failed and pneumonia returned until it took her, said Hugo Macotela.

He explained that specialists informed him and his children and that conditions were not favorable and they had the option to intubate order to keep her alive through a ventilator; however, they decided not to.

"Chachita and I did not talk about death, but once commented that if either of us faced a situation like this, the other must decide that the artificial respirator was not the option to continue living.

I was assigned responsibility in accordance with my children. It is the saddest thing that can exist, the hardest of decisions, he said in a telephone interview.

The renowned actress of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema died with her husband, her three children Eva Martha, Hugo and Mauritius, as well as their grandchildren at her bedside.

"Ultimately, we do not talk anything about what would come next if either of us was going before the other. In 60 years of being together, we said everything, she knows how much I loved her and how much it hurts for her departure ".

A "Chachita" Hugo Macías Macotela will remember "with great joy because she was a wonderful wife. She'll always be present, he said.

The remains of the actress remain in the hospital while the family decides the place where they will be veiled, and her final resting place.

Evita Maria Muñoz Ruiz was born on November 26, 1936, in Orizaba, Veracruz. The only daughter of actor and singer Francisco "Paco" Muñoz and Ernestina Ruiz, she began her career during the Golden Age of Mexican cinema before her fourth birthday.

She starred in films from the age of four and made at six and for 70 years an uninterrupted career she had established himself as an artist with achievements in film, television, theater, radio, nightclub and circuses.

She began her career in “The Secret of the Priest” and after her second film: “Ay Jalisco”, she is not seen until (1941), with Gloria Marin and Jorge Negrete, when she received the nickname Chachita!.

Evita triumphed as a great child star in the film “Morenita Clear”, after which she continued in the same line with “Small Madrecita” (1944), “Daughter Clown” (1946)! How Green was My Father, Chachita the Triana” (1947) and “I Sell Black Eyes (1948).

Her popularity led her to venture into radio programs The Legion of early risers in the XEQ.

In 1947 she signed a contract with CBS in New York for the radio series ‘Adventures of a Girl’, broadcast throughout Central and South America, and produced by Carlos Montalban. In the late 50’s she participated in the program Risámetro.

To promote her film “Daughter Clown” (1946), in which she appeared next to an elephant and trained dogs, she learned to play the marimba and botellófono. She made personal appearances in Circus Atayde Brothers when she was just eight years-old.

In her teens she co-starred with Pedro Infante in the film trilogy “We Poor” (1948), “You Rich” (1948) and “Pepe El Toro” (1952), bringing a new cycle within the national cinema.

The actress is credited with 11 telenovelas, as the successful Gutierritos and 45 plays, as well as a number of films as “Guardian El Salvador Dog” (1950), “The Two Huerfanitas” (1950) and the “Christ of My Head” (1951) .

In addition to “The Children of the Street” (1951), “The Poor Always go to Heaven” (1951), “The Daughter of the Other” (1951), “A Street Between You and Me” (1952), “Our Father” (1953), “That was Pancho Villa” (1957) and “The Madness of Rock and Roll” (1957).

Her talent led her to star in television as a cheerleader on the game show as hitazo! And later in Action!, Kodak, as well as starring in several series like Crown of Tears (1964), Indecency (1970), La Sister Pawl (1969) and Death is Punctual (1967), among others.

Also, in her role as interpreter and imitator mambo, she made presentations in the Philippines, Japan and South Korea.

As a pioneer of telenovelas, she achieved fame by acting in “Gutierritos” in 1958, directed by and starring Rafael Banquells. It was the second melodrama that occurred in Mexico, but the one who started the furor over this genre among the Mexican population.

The actress was married on February 14, 1958 with Hugo Macías Macotela, producer and director of the series the appointed time, they had three children: Eva Martha, Hugo and Mauritius.

That same year, she participated in the films “Man I like” (1958) and “Under the Sky of Mexico”. Then followed “My Parents are Divorced” (1959), “My Child, My Horse and I” (1959), “In Each Show Love and Dumb and Crazy” (1961).

Famous for her histrionic qualities, she also appeared on the small screen in ‘Toy World’ (1974) and ‘Two Women in My House’ (1984), in addition to its participation in issues of the Women, cases of real life.

Her comedic led her to intervene in music and programs that were the cornerstone of her consecration as one of the best Mexican actresses of her time, being the series “We Gomez” (1987) further success in her career.

Among her recent appearances are “Seraphim: The Movie” (2001) and soap operas as ‘Droplet of Love’ (1998), ‘Never Forget You, Jane Eyre’ (1999), ‘Always Love You’ (2000) and ‘Against All Odds’ (2005).

In 2006 Chachita was invited to unveil the commemorative plaque for the 100 performances of the staging of the monologue Golda's Balcony, starring Fanny Sarfati.

In 2008 Chachita participated in “Beware the Angel” as Candelaria, a laundress, next to Maite Perroni and William Levy, based on the original novel by writer Delia Fiallo.

A year later, she took part in the children 's program Sesame Street, where she served as granny for several seasons; she collaborated with artists like Sergio Corona and Mariana Garza, along with the characters "Abelardo", "Lola," "Pancho" and others.

The actress had a special participation in the program As the saying goes, and received several awards for her artistic career as a tribute by the National Association of Actors (ANDA) for having exceeded 55 years of membership in the association.

She also participated in emissions of La Rosa de Guadalupe program, in which she played "Tina" in the episode ‘Growing up With Joy’.

She also celebrated 71 years of artistic career, so the National Association of Actors (ANDA), gave her a tribute for its 55th birthday in addition to membership in that organization.

Also, in May 2011 she was honored by the Veracruz Cultural Center, for her many years dedicated to acting.

In 2012, she was honored by the staging If they let us, to highlight 71 years of artistic career. In this assembly it was applauded by a public standing crying degree of reach for the emotional moment.

She also received an award that honored her outstanding career, by the organizers of the National Livestock Exposition and Livestock Industry 2012.

In the same 2012 and 2013, she participated in the telenovela ‘How Beautiful Love; as "Doña Prudencia" under the command of Salvador Mejia, whose film roles carried out by Jorge Salinas and Danna García.

In June 2013, she starred in an episode of the program unit ‘La Rosa de Guadalupe’.

In recent years, she remained in force on television with the broadcasting of several of his films, especially “The Poor” and “Us You Rich”.

Although more than 60 years the poor have been run, under the orders of Ismael Rodriguez have elapsed, the film, considered one of the best in the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, still is transmitted by broadcast television channels.

MUNOZ, Evita (Evita Maria Muñoz Ruiz)
Born: 11/26/1936, Orizaba, Veracruz, Mexico
Died:  8/23/2016, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico

Evita Munoz’s westerns – actress:
Beautiful Michoacan – 1943 (Chachita)
This Was Pancho Villa – 1957 (Remedios)